Erik J. Ehrhart
Principal, Valuation Analyst

Heather Lyon, CPA
Valuation Analyst

Lace Pettigrew
Office Manager

BEAR Business Valuation LLC
354 East 5th Street
Chico, CA 95928

(530) 879-9504


BEAR has many years of experience working with hundreds of businesses owned or operated by Chinese-speaking investors and management. These companies have usually been located in the U.S., but often have close ties to affiliates in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and other mainland locations.

Some of these have been part of an organizational structure that includes companies located in the Cayman Islands, Trinidad-Tobago, BVI, and other offshore domiciles. We have helped many Chinese-owned firms transfer Patents and other Intellectual Property from the US to China or other offshore locations. And, we have helped in financial restructuring from a US or Chinese entity to an Offshore Corporation ownership structure.