Erik J. Ehrhart
Principal, Valuation Analyst

Heather Lyon, CPA
Valuation Analyst

Lace Pettigrew
Office Manager

BEAR Business Valuation LLC
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Each of our analyses and reports draws upon data from a variety of sources, some of which are listed below:

Risk Management Associates (RMA)
Financial ratios for nearly 1,000 industries derived from data collected by commercial banks in the course of processing business commercial loan applications.

Pratts Stats
More than 15,000 business sales transactions reported by M&A consultants and business brokers, wide range of transactions, very detailed.

Restricted Stock Study
Primarily for marketability discount studies

Business sales data collected by business brokers, mostly smaller businesses, limited data.

Business sales transaction usually involving public company acquisitions, very detailed, mostly very large deals.  An excellent source of high quality U.S. and International control premium data as well as financial details, pricing multiples and demographics.

Pitchbook Public Company Data
Used for larger companies for which public companies provide meaningful comparisons.

Barrons Closed End Mutual Fund Tables
We’ve been keeping copies of Barrons CEMF data for many years, for use in valuing interests in Marketable Securities Holding Companies.

ERI Compensation Data
Detailed compensation data for several thousand job descriptions, adjusted for company revenue size, geographic location (city), and SIC or NAICS code.

Ibbotson Associates
Stocks, Bonds, Bills and Inflation studies, source of data for build-up and CAPM cap rates and discount rates.

Goodwill Registry
Summary information for sales of medical practices.

IBISWorld Industry Reports
Detailed and thorough reports on economic conditions and outlook in roughly 800 industries, updated 3 or 4 times per year, with access to the archive of older reports. Includes historical and projected growth rates and industry profit margins.

Business Reference Guide
Data gathered from participating business brokers over many years, including valuation tips, guidelines, important things to watch for, industry parameters.

Federal Reserve Bank
Reports interest rates, prime rates, periodic economic conditions and outlook.