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Principal, Valuation Analyst

Heather Lyon, CPA
Valuation Analyst

Lace Pettigrew
Office Manager

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BEAR Solutions

The first step in valuing your business is determining the right type of report for your purpose. We will help you figure out the lowest-cost option that will meet your needs.

Detailed Conclusion of Value

For most IRS, ESOP, 409A, and GAAP (Fair Value) reporting purposes, you need a comprehensive report which has the extensive documentation and detail those audiences require. BEAR’s Detailed Conclusion of Value is an 80–120 page report that is suitable for filing with government agencies. We work as a team with your company’s CPA and other advisers to gather information about your company and to ensure that the report meets your filing requirements.

Calculation of Value

BEAR’s Calculation of Value is a lower-cost report for estimating the value of an operating business. It’s intended for shareholders buying in or out of a business and for business owners who just need a good, competent value number but don’t need a big, costly report. This 15-page report is perfect for planning and negotiating.

  • Planning to sell the company
  • Shareholder buy-ins and buy-outs
  • Value-testing acquisition offers
  • Estate and gift planning