Erik J. Ehrhart
Principal, Valuation Analyst

Heather Lyon, CPA
Valuation Analyst

Lace Pettigrew
Office Manager

BEAR Business Valuation LLC
354 East 5th Street
Chico, CA 95928

(530) 879-9504

What to Expect

The events leading up to the need for a business valuation may be complex or even stressful, but having your business valued with BEAR is easy. We work with your existing team of advisers, including your CPA and your staff during the gathering of information and the report producing process. This avoids duplication of effort, keeps costs down, and allows us to benefit from their years of experience with your company. We try to minimize the disruption of your operations.
  1. A valuation analyst talks with you about your valuation needs and how much it will cost. If appropriate, we will provide an engagement letter.
  2. We give you a list of information about your company that we require for our analysis. Your CPA or bookkeeper will be able to provide most of the information directly to BEAR.
  3. We use your financial statements and the other information you provide, along with market data, to analyze your company’s risks and projected cash flows.
  4. We appraise your company using several different methods and select the most suitable ones, arriving at a realistic value.
  5. We send you a draft report by email for you and your advisers to review. We can discuss the report, and changes can be made.
  6. We send you the final report by email, and, if you wish, a printed report can be provided by mail.